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Do you wish to get flowers delivered to someone in Thousand Oaks? XO Bloom, a flower Shop in Thousand Oaks, is here to help. We offer reliable online flower delivery in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park and surrounding cities.

Go around strolling in Thousand Oaks and you will find the lovely and mesmerizing flowers. After all, flowers have no season to begin with. In this blog, we have provided an ultimate guide to buying flowers from one of the best flower shops in Thousand Oaks. Every flower has its own unique meaning and essence. 

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Significance of Certain Flowers- Flower Shop Thousand Oaks

Every flower has its own great significance. Here we have highlighted some.

Purple Lilacs

Lilacs are for love. Lilacs are known for providing tremendous strength. Order them as a bouquet to make the love of your life feel special.

Breathtaking Red Roses

Which flower is best to propose to your crush? No doubt the answer is red roses. Without a second thought, buy a bouquet of red roses for your better half and make them feel extra special.

Please forget me not

The meaning is clear from the name itself. So who are you waiting for? Buy these flowers today to recreate your old moments with your best friends.

The Prettiest Camellias

Camellias are very similar to roses. These flowers signify admiration, innocence and purity. These are the best gifts to give to parents.

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Sun Facing Sunflowers

A flower that brings a smile on your face as soon as you face it. Sunflowers are known greatly for worship, faith and enlightenment.

Joyous Chrysanthemums

Want your favourite person to have a long and happy life? Wish them with these gorgeous Chrysanthemums flowers. These flowers are perennial. 

Motherly Carnations

Dark red colored carnations symbolise deep love and affection. These flowers are perfect for mother and mother-in-law.

Flowers for Every Special Occasion- Flower Shop Thousand Oaks

There are Flower Shops in Thousand Oaks for every occasion you wish to celebrate. XO Bloom provides for customised flower decoration ranging from weddings, corporate events, social events and styled shoots.

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We can provide you with dreamy wedding arrangements. If you want your future better half to feel extraordinarily special, get XO bloom flower delivery. Make your wedding day worth remembering by XO bloom flower delivery in Thousand Oaks. 

Social Events

If you wish to organise a social event, there is no better flower delivery in Thousand Oaks. We organise various social events. These events could include a graduation party, bridal shower, nautical baby shower, engagement party, 4th of July and amazing birthday parties. Do you wish to make a grand wedding proposal for your special one? Do it with us. Check our website to know how beautifully we have served our customers.

Corporate Events

Wish to organise a special corporate event? Contact us today. We have organised corporate dinners, celebrity cruises, creator day in Los Angeles and New York, Ciara Pre dinner, Vital Proteins, White Fox, Bentley and Tesla. During corporate events, it seems that one does not need flowers to make the day special but, no doubt, flowers bring life to the events. 

Styled Shoots Events

Styled shoots are one of our best flower delivery services in Thousand Oaks. bloomin’ into winter, viceroy santa monica, spirit hoods collections, South East asian wedding, nautical wedding, luxe linen launch, 50 shades of white, festival season and Epona estate have been our previous projects. 

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Fun Facts about Flowers and Plants- Flower Shop Thousand Oaks

Explore with us certain fun facts about your favourite and most loved flowers.

  1. Lilies are poisonous, especially for cats and sometimes for dogs.
  2. Broccoli is, to be precise, a flower.
  3. Approximately 60% of fresh flowers are grown in Thousand Oaks.
  4. Want stronger smells? Go for white flowers over colourful flowers.
  5. Tulips keep blooming even after they are cut.

Our Top Florists

Our top florists are Sarah Z. and Laila Ibrahim.

  • Sarah Z., Owner & COO

Her favourite flower is Ranunculus. She began with flowers and event designs in 2011. She began with XO Bloom Westlake Village with Laila. The fun fact is that she was born on Valentine’s Day.

  • Laila Ibrahim, Owner

Her favourite flower is Peony. She is Sarah’s mother. This energetic designer loves to put petals and greens on everything. She is an all rounder. She is one of the most charming persons you will ever meet.  

Why is XO Bloom reliable and trustable?

We are one of the most trusted Flower Shop Thousand Oaks and stand up to the expectations of our beloved customers. We have been awarded ‘California Wedding Day Magazine Best of 2018 Winner’. Check out our product gallery for wedding, corporate, social, styled shoots and various other events. We have organised some of the finest events in Thousand Oaks. trust us when we say that there is no better flower delivery in Thousand Oaks. We are proud to claim the fact that we have been featured on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, ‘Braxton Family Values’, ‘VI + 1 Love and Hip Hop Bollywood.

Our services include flower delivery thousand oaks in Thousand Oaks. We offer same day flower delivery in Thousand Oaks. Moreover, you can customise your order as per your needs and wants. We put tremendous effort into each of our orders.

In Conclusion

Flowers bring colours to your life. They add an odour to your celebrations. There are times when you can not speak what you feel, at this point, flowers are your best friend. They help in expressing unsaid words. Flowers are a meaningful and amazing way to make your special day colourful.

Contact XO Bloom flower delivery

Feel free to visit our website and place your order. We will be pleased if you fill this form, so that we can get back to you. Our store hours are flexible but they usually range from 9:00 am – 6:00  pm (Monday-Saturday) and open by appointment only on Sundays. You can call us on 805-230-1010 to get more information regarding our services.

Join our community of happy and satisfied customers today. We will strive our best to provide you with a flowery experience.

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