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Say it with Flowers – Flower Delivery Westlake Village

Westlake Village is home to a world-class floral design firm called XO Bloom. This flower delivery Westlake village florist is a family owned business and they have won many awards and accolades for their bouquets and flower arrangements that are both beautiful and unique and made by some of the city’s most skilled florists.

At XO Bloom, you’ll discover a plethora of floral designs that are exquisitely put together, spread throughout an elegant variety of vase and bouquet arrangements.

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If you’re looking for a top-notch Westlake florist to deliver a beautiful bouquet for a special occasion like Mother’s Day, a milestone birthday, or an anniversary, look no further. You will get flower patterns that are vivid and creative throughout.

A designer’s choice flower arrangement, which often includes fragrant fresh flowers and beautiful floral arrangements, normally starts at a price of roughly a hundred dollars.

And you can order flowers to be delivered locally Monday through Saturday by our flower delivery Westlake village service. 

Our Services

Flower Delivery

Look no further than our variety of flowers for fresh, beautiful flower bouquets that grab attention and warm hearts.

Event Florist

We have assisted clients in realizing their goals in ways that have far exceeded their expectations, whether it be for a major social event, a business launch, or a small, private gathering.

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The Expressive Flower Bar

Have you ever considered what your inner artist might create if given a bouquet of flowers? Sign up for one of our flower-arranging classes or have a group of friends over for a fun, creative, and bonding day in our unique floral environment.

Interior Decoration

An attractive accent piece may completely transform your home and give you something to enjoy while you go about your daily routine there. The most unusual and eye-catching accents are the ones we choose.

XO Bloom – Your local Westlake Florist -Flower Delivery Westlake Village

Even though we live in a strange world at times, there is still something to be thankful for. Sending flowers is a great way to express your feelings for someone, whether it’s love, support, gratitude, or simply because. Also, here at XO Bloom, flowers are something of a specialty.

Our awesomely curated collection of flower bouquets is perfect for every taste and any event. Want ruffled tulips, a kaleidoscope of ranunculus, or a dozen different hues of roses? We have all the amazing fresh flowers in our stock and are a premium flower delivery Westlake village service.

Do you want an inexpensive bouquet that will still look good in an Instagram post? We’ve got you covered as we have plenty of these and be sure to check all our arrangements and bouquets for all the newest and greatest savings!

Westlake Flower Delivery Service by XO Bloom

We are committed to providing our customers with original and stylish floral arrangements that cannot be found elsewhere. We can make beautiful arrangements for any event because we work with the best florists and plant experts in the business.

The studio provides a variety of floral design services, such as arrangements for weddings and other occasions, and flower delivery services in Westlake, Oak Park, Malibu, and Calabasas.

Fresh, new ideas in flower design can be found in a variety of stylish bouquets and vase arrangements that are based on the season.

XO Bloom Florist is the place to go if you need to have beautiful flowers sent to someone in Westlake Village; you can be sure that they will make their day and maybe even their week.

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Event Florist Services by XO Bloom Flower Delivery Westlake Village

XO Bloom is the go-to company for weddings, parties, events, and other special occasions. We are experts in creating the mood you want for your special occasion via the careful arrangement of flowers and the strategic use of a variety of textures and colours. We take as much information from you about the kinds of arrangements and flower decorations and get to know you on a personal level to meet your specific demands and provide unique designs that reflect your preferences.

If you’re looking for a floral studio in Westlake that specialises in making custom floral arrangements for weddings and other special occasions, go no further than XO Bloom.

Visitors who are interested in learning more about the event floral services we provide are always welcome to stop by. We make sure to handle every aspect of the party with care.

Flower Bar Services by XO Bloom

Do you want to create something beautiful with flowers, challenging your inner artist? XO Bloom is happy to present you with our exclusive Flower Bar services. We’ve found that working with flowers is a satisfying and relaxing way to be creative, so we decided to open a flower shop bar in Westlake Village so that other people could feel the same way.

Our flower bar services are open to anyone, with classes starting at $75 per person, and pricing for groups of 10 begins at $65 per person. Feel proud of your accomplishment and take the finished product home to show off to your friends and family. Get in touch with the flower bar right away to set up an appointment.

Why XO Bloom? 

Sending or getting a bouquet of flowers is always appreciated. Nothing beats the surprise and delight of receiving a huge arrangement of flowers, whether it’s for a birthday, a special occasion, or just because you care.

We at XO Bloom believe that what makes someone care deeply is when they recognize and appreciate the simple things others do for each other on a daily basis. Not simply for special events. Being present at joyful times is what matters most. Saving a person’s day with only a few words; building up the nerve to request forgiveness; to cheer someone up when facing some tough days;these are the occasions that demand saying it with flowers. In other words, go for the ‘cheesy’ approach. Actually, the most delightful bouquets are the ones that come as a complete surprise.

XO Bloom makes sure that you get the best arrangements and freshest flowers for any event you have in mind in Westlake Village, Oak Park,

Malibu and Calabasas Contact us at +1 805-230-1010 or visit our shop to take a look at the beautiful arrangements.

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