Sending Meaningful Flowers on Mother’s Day

Finding just the right arrangement that reflects the personality and tastes of the special moms in your life this Mother’s Day will show how much you appreciate her and how much you care.  Learn more below about the meaning behind some of the flowers in the stunning Mother’s Day arrangements available this Mother’s Day from XO Bloom.  


Roses represent elegance and love, and show appreciation for all that moms do. In the Hermosa arrangement, settled among the roses, frilly ranunculus represent charm and reflect light happy moments and lovely memories.


With their delicate petals and sweet fragrance, the beautiful pink roses in Lola represent a mother’s constant love, inspiring memories of shared moments and whispered words of encouragement and reminding us of the profound impact mothers have on our lives.


Orange flowers represent exuberance and a passion for work and life.  Tulips are best known for representing perfect and deep love.  With its combination of deep orange tulips and roses, Grace is an elegant expression of love. 

Sweet Candy 

The yellow tulips in Sweet Candy represent happiness, cheerfulness and hope.  White hydrangea represents grace and beauty.  If this describes the mom in your life, then lovely Sweet Candy is the perfect Mother’s Day choice!

Free Spirit 

Orange ranunculus often is considered to mean joy and happiness. Green hydrangea are known to represent good fortune, good health, youthfulness and prosperity.  If these are your wishes for mom, then Free Spirit is the perfect arrangement for you. 


Discover the beauty of balance and harmony with the Balance arrangement.  Balance is centered by orchids representing refinement and elegant beauty.  

Designer’s Choice 

For those seeking a truly unique and personalized gift this Mother’s Day, a Designer’s Choice arrangement is the perfect option. Our skilled florists will select a stunning vase and handcraft an arrangement using only the finest flowers, tailored specifically for the special mom in your life. This choice allows you to convey a deep sense of appreciation and love through a one-of-a-kind floral masterpiece. 

Striking Jewels 

The Striking Jewels arrangement is a bold and beautiful choice that combines premium flowers in vibrant shades of red, purple, and lavender. Nestled among red roses, lavender dahlia symbolize grace, beauty, dignity, and kindness.  Striking Jewels is perfect for the mom who loves rich colors and sophisticated floral designs.  

9. Designer Roses 

Designer Roses is an exquisite arrangement that features over two dozen pale pink roses elegantly arranged in a stylish designer vase. Surrounding the roses is a delicate fringe of deer moss, adding a touch of natural elegance.  Light pink roses are associated with gentleness and joy.     

10. Orchid Dream 

Orchid Dream is a serene and sophisticated floral arrangement that features a stunning cymbidium orchid stem elegantly set in smooth pebbles within a tall, curvy glass vase. This arrangement is a symbol of luxury and exotic beauty, making it a perfect choice for a mom who appreciates elegance and uniqueness.  

Express your gratitude and love this Mother’s Day with a thoughtfully chosen bouquet from XO Bloom that speaks volumes without saying a word. Let the language of flowers convey your deepest emotions and appreciation for the incredible women who shape our lives.